• 1999 Founded in Lugano

    PHF stands for Partner of Holding F.I.S. – Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici, a leading Group that specialises in the production of chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry. From the outset, PHF was involved in the commercial management of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and invested particularly in the development of complex projects related to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • 2004 Creation of development projects

    Over the next ten years, PHF gradually widened its activities by acquiring and seeking patents and new production technologies for the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The decision in 2005 to expand its activities of managing complex development projects, led to significant growth in the company and to increased business. As a result of this, new premises were required so the company moved from Via Maraini to its present day offices in Viale Castagnola (still in Lugano) and new managers and staff with the expertise needed to develop innovative ideas and increase business, joined the company.
  • 2007 - 2008 New technical and commercial expertise

    Between 2007 and 2008, the company was further expanded with the recruitment of additional managers with expertise in the fields of technical, commercial, regulatory, quality assurance and patent analysis which in turn lead the company to increase its activities in the formulated pharmaceutical product, nutritional and cosmetic sectors. In the following years, PHF reached other important milestones: in 2008, it began the clinical development of a new therapeutic indication for an active ingredient already used in therapy.
  • 2010 Developed the first generic finished product

    In 2010, in collaboration with a number of agencies, PHF developed the first generic finished product which was subsequently approved by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • 2015 The subsidiary Lugano Laboratories LLC

    Since 2015, the company has extended its activities into FDF (Finished Dosage Formulation) alongside API projects and has been developing the market in the USA through the subsidiary Lugano Laboratories LLC.
  • 2016 Development of investment projects

    In 2016, PHF will fully dedicate itself to the development of investment projects in the pharmaceutics, in the finished product and nutritional product segments.
  • 2018 Launch of the first nutritional supplements and Merge

    In 2018 the first two food supplements, with PHF label and distributed by Semont, are launched in the Italian market. In the same year Lugano Laboratories LLC has merged into Alyon INC., which manages commercial operations and the development of PHF's market in the USA.